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  • Eric Sheppard

Two Awesome Throwback Board Games

Since I was a kid, my family and I were always into historical things.I was (and still am) really into military history, my sisters were into retro clothes, and my dad had this weird thing for collecting pyrex bowls and cooking dishes from the 60s and 70s. Naturally, this interest in "retro" stuff spilled into the boar games we play. Here are three of my favourite games from a different time.

1. Masterpiece

Master Piece is a six player art collecting game. The objective of the game is to end the game with the most money. Players move around the board, rolling dice, collecting money, and bidding on art. What makes this game interesting is that art pieces have different prices every time, and players have to bid on art when they don't know a piece's price as well as memorize prices of pieces that other players buy from them during private auctions. It is a very simple game but it is fun and is focused on art trading, an interesting topic that is not often explored in board gaming.

2. Tobruk

Tobruk is a two-player Avalon-Hill game that focuses on armoured warfare in the deserts of Libya during WW2. Tobruk is a fairly complicated game, but I wouldn't call it confusing. The game is fairly easy to set up and offers historically nuanced armoured warfare gaming.

These are two games that are fairly easy to find on eBay and I actually picked up my copy of Masterpiece at a Garage sale. The next time you are looking for something new, try something old and hit up either of these two games.

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